It’s Time to Build Your Own Stylish Backyard Fire Pit

One of the most prevalent fragments when it comes to dealing with back house landscaping is the backyard fire pit.

The outdoor spot warming up your family when the chill strikes out is without a doubt, either functional or eye-catching. With this lovely structure, your family gathering moment feels nothing yet purposeful.

Build Your Own Fire Pit

Build Your Own Fire Pit

Before setting the fire pit, you need to figure out which spot in tune with your future construction.

A keynote to take into account is the spacing away from where you live and disrupting hanging-trees. Then, start creating a foundation. For the first execution, you have to dig out the ground with a depth of 6” and an inner circle which is around 12”.

In order for the stone-based foundation to be formed, be sure to put down the wet concrete, build it up along the circular line, and let the hub remain free from the material.

Even out the surface and let it dry for one day. The second step is to arrange the natural stones on the top of the dried foundation. For the attractive look, you can vary the rock’s color and shape.

After the outer wall is done, the following procedure is to build the inner part of fire pit structure.

To do this, you should fill in the gaps between the mortar and stone and get rid of the excess. To end the process of building this guy, you can brush the whole exterior surface with natural tint and make sure that there no debris dropping behind.

Backyard Fireplace Designs

Backyard Fireplace Designs

In essence, there are four kinds of fireplace you can absolutely choose from – propane, wood burning, natural gas, and gel fuel. The propane version features bigger capacity and constant flame. Interestingly, the fire appears beneath the rock pebbles.

Meanwhile, the wood burning is a conventional type commonly used. The smoky sensation of it is the attraction everybody must love.

The natural gas fireplace is almost similar to the propane one. However, it can’t be transferred and is permanently linked to the natural gas line. Additionally, the outdoor hearth is affordable and easy to care.

And last but not least, the gel fuel highlight clean-burning so that the smoke disappears. It is also easy to ignite and can get extinguished by itself.

In Ground Wood Burning Fire Pit

In Ground Wood Burning Fire Pit

For those who are full of life in hosting a variety of outdoor parties from barbeque to picnic, it is definitely vital to install the in ground wood burning fire pit. Unlike the common fireplace using the concrete foundation, this type of hearth requires the paver base. The selection of patio stone as well as applying the leveling sand should be in your consideration.

To make a long story short, the significant regard perfecting your outdoor landscaping is obviously creating a backyard fire pit. Not only does it offer many amenities for both party and family gathering events, but the fireplace also has aesthetic values enlivening the paradise behind your house. Go get it soon!

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