Sprucing Up Your Living Room with Coffee Table Decor Ideas

A coffee table is a staple in many living rooms, but not every homeowner understands the art of coffee table decor. The right decoration technique may look simple, but it can instantly transform even a simple living room. Placing a flower vase, book, and tray (or ashtray) on the table is a classic combo, but there are more creative options for decorations.

Glass Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Glass Coffee Table Decorating Ideas


Many glass coffee tables come in various styles, but if yours is simple or cheap-looking, the right decoration can improve the look. Here are some ideas:

  • Decorative sculpture instead of flower/vase

Replace the regular vase or flower with decorative sculpture. This is perfect to create the distinctive look without abandoning a simple, classic look. You can surround this sculpture with unique items, such as seashells or vintage ashtrays.

  • Arrangements without flowers

You can infuse natural look on top of a glass table without flowers. A bunch of shrubs, tall grasses, or even dry twigs can serve as natural decorations. Use wicker, terracotta, or wooden vases instead of porcelain or glass for better effect.

  • Book stacks with trinkets

Books are common objects to decorate a coffee table with, but you can be more creative with them. Arrange several stacks of books on the table, but do not cover the entire surface with them. Scatter several small trinkets on top and around the books, such as seashells or small animal figures, but avoid clutters.

Try switching your regular decorations to the more creative versions, or create variations from these ideas to make your own arrangement.

How to Accessorize A Round Coffee Table

Accessorize A Round Coffee Table


Decorating a round coffee table requires balance, especially if the table is small. You can take a hint from the surrounding table. If the decorations are quite loud or colorful, with rich textures adorning the walls, sofas, and/or curtains, you can keep things minimalistic by putting a decorative bowl at the center of the table.

If the table is quite big, you can try the asymmetrical design style. Pick a spot near the edge of the table, and arrange several trinkets such as colorful stones, seashells, metal ornaments, or small planters with micro plants.

You can also try placing a flower vase near the edge instead of at the center. You can arrange a stack of book on the other side, and decorative bowls beside and on top of the stack. They are common decorative elements for a coffee table, but you get creative with the arrangement.

Decorative Tray for Coffee Table

Decorative Tray for Coffee Table


Finally, if you have a large coffee table, consider having a decorative tray(s). You can put many things in the trays, creating a sense of orderliness even with a lot of ornaments on the table. Arrange the rectangular trays in symmetrical positions if your table is square, or use round trays if the table is round. You can put book stacks, planters, candy bowls, decorative candles, or snack jars. Choose trays that complement your living room well.

Decorating a coffee table may look like a simple task, but careful planning will create a huge difference in your living room. Plan your coffee table decor well, and see the refreshing change immediately.

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