Simple Crafts: Creative DIY Fall Décor Ideas To Try Out

If you’re a lover of art, then the fall season must be one of the best seasons for you. In this season, many people take the time to explore their creative side to commemorate some of the most awaited holidays like Halloween with their costumes and in their home decor.

Children at home and seniors living in retirement communities in New Jersey are also encouraged to participate in these activities that help boost their mental ability while having fun.

Let’s take a look at simple DIY’s that everyone can do during the fall season:

1. Do Paper Projects

Do you have lots of waste paper from the office, home, or from books that are no longer of use? Well, instead of shredding them or burning them to ashes, try and make something creative out of them this time around.

Using paper is one of the best options to involve kids since most enjoy shredding papers with scissors.

If you want to have some fun with them this fall, this is one way to do it. Cut paper into an apple-shaped look and color them in different color patterns.

Stick them to the wall, or a neat display board hung onto the wall if you fear that your wall will get ruined by glue. If they have a fall presentation in school, they could easily take the well-made display board to school.

2. Make a Wreath from The Backyard Leaves

Most people associate wreaths with Christmas and the wintertime, but a wreath is not limited to any particular season. It may be less of a hassle to buy a wreath for your front door since store-bought wreaths are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

However, instead of purchasing a wreath this time around, get creative and use the leaves that drop from the trees of your backyard to beautify your home.

Many homeowners have problems clearing the beautiful leaves from their backyard during the fall. To make it more enjoyable.

In the long run, you make your backyard clean at no cost at all. The only trick is to ensure that you collect freshly fallen leaves and microwave them for a few seconds to dry them up and preserve them.

For extra dryness, press a hot iron against them.

Align your leaves up and arrange them in a ring shape. Stick them up neatly around cardboard and use a string at the middle, hang them to your desired spot, and enjoy the beauty of the different leaf colors.

Once the season is over, you can discard these without any stress.

3. Knit Some Pumpkins

Do you enjoy knitting things for yourself? If you’re looking for a fun knitting project, why not try making some pumpkins.

Yes, you read that right! We don’t mean that you should sew through fresh pumpkins. Instead of using fresh pumpkins from your garden or market, get some woolen yarn and a 6mm needle to get to work.

To chase away the cold, you can also make yourself your favorite hot beverage as you get busy. Don’t be scared of knitting if you’re a beginner since this is a perfect time to knit and make the perfect stitches.

To add some spark to your décor, don’t use the usual orange yarns to knit up these pumpkins. You can use purple, green, or blue to add that unique touch.

Also, don’t forget to puff them up. Depending on the occasion, you can stuff them up with candy or put in a gift to whoever you desire to give it to.

4. Use Summer Accessories

Many are wondering if all the décor they used during the summer will all go to waste. Well, you don’t have to get rid of everything that you used during the summer.

On the brighter side, you can make simple adjustments to make those accessories reflect the season. For example, instead of discarding the lanterns that you used in your backyard or during dinner, use them to complement the already made fall look on your table.

Additionally, you can also blend in the different blankets to still maintain that vibrant summer look. At times, using heavy blankets may make the room look more crowded and duller, so this will undoubtedly be a great idea to incorporate into your space.

5. Use a Hay Bale Stack

Do you want to achieve that natural look that this season embraces? Hay bales will come in handy if you’re going to accomplish this with minimal effort.

If you’ve never tried this, try it, and you will always use this idea for every fall season.

If you’re worried about the mess that the hay may bring into your home, you can use it to decorate your front porch.

For instance, you can line up your walkway on opposite sides with hay bales and place different pumpkins sizes on and between each bale. Also, to give it a catchier look, add a rustic sign to it.

We understand that the temperatures in fall are colder, but if you keep yourself busy with some creative crafts, you may never notice the cold.

Make this fall unique and memorable, and you will always long for this season to get your creative side to work!

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