3 DIY Home Projects Seniors Can Do During Quarantine

Senior citizens who are practicing social isolation because they’re protecting themselves from getting ill from a virus such as COVID-19 may find themselves at a loss for what to do with their time.

Those in a senior living community in NJ or elsewhere looking to pass the time with a DIY home project or craft during quarantine or self-isolation can choose from one of these three senior-friendly projects that won’t take a lot of special materials.

Photo Organization for Senior Citizens who are Self Isolating

Many senior citizens have boxes of photos stored away in a closet that needs to be organized.

For older adults who aren’t tech-savvy, the extra unstructured time that happens during self-isolation can be used to organize those photos.

They can choose categories – by year, by a person, by holidays – and divide their photos into those categories.

They can also write short notes on the back of the photos with the names, places, and dates that they can recall so when others are looking at the photos, they will have the information.

For those who are comfortable with technology, organizing their digital photos is an activity senior can do during the quarantine.

They can delete unwanted photos, add digital information to the photos, and put them into digital albums.

Those albums can be shared with other family members, making the time older adults spent organizing photos during social distancing even more valuable.

Gardening Helps Senior Citizens who are Social Distancing Get Fresh Air

Gardening is something seniors can do for fun and exercise while practicing social distancing.

Whether it’s a small garden plot in the back yard or a few planters with flowers or herbs, gardening is an excellent way for older adults to entertain themselves during a quarantine.

Even if it’s not far enough into the spring season to start planting anything outside, seniors can plant a few starter plants and place them on a sunny windowsill to sprout.

They can also get outdoors and weed any areas that will eventually have plants.

Since gardening usually takes some attention every day, it will also help elderly people who are practicing mandatory social distancing to have something besides themselves to be responsible for daily.

Senior Citizens on Quarantine Can Write a Memoir While Social Distancing

A memoir is different from an autobiography because it can be written about one memory, not an entire life.

Since they aren’t able to receive guests during a quarantine to talk about their memories, writing them down is an easy DIY project for a senior citizen.

If an elderly person is having trouble starting to write a memoir, they can search for “memoir writing prompts” on the internet, and they’ll discover many ideas that will get an older adult to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, quickly.

When the quarantine is over, having completed one or more of these DIY projects that seniors can do independently at home will help them feel their time was productive, not wasted.

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