Must See DIY Wallpapers for Easy Room Renovations

Do you have a renovation coming up and want to test your DIY skills?

Then you might want to consider using removable wallpaper. It’s easy to install, regardless of your DIY skills. All you do is peel off the backing, and voila, you can stick the paper on the wall.

That’s a far cry from the traditional wallpaper we used back in the day. Additionally, it’s easy to remove, so you can get rid of it when you get tired of the theme.

That’s why it’s such a good idea for renters and people who often switch up their home’s aesthetics.

Moreover, it comes in a range of designs, including ombre wallpapers which are sure to transform your space.

If you are looking for the best DIY wallpapers to last through the seasons, consider the options below:

1. Striped Wallpaper

Stripes affect the feel of the room and are ideal for when you want to alter the layout of the space. For example, if the room feels too cramped, a few strategic stripes can fix this.

Stripes have also become common for their classic yet modern feel. Anyone who cannot decide between these themes can go for this middle ground.

So, which rooms work great with striped temporary wall coverings?

  • Let’s start with nurseries. Did you know that babies respond well to broad stripes in primary colors? That can be a great way to spruce up a child’s room instead of going with the same old hues.
  • Stripes also work great in kitchens as they impart a sense of elegance. You can go with the classic black and white combos or add a bit of grey.
  • Let’s not forget the living room where stripes can help you impart the cozy feel you crave so much. You can get a much better effect by combining stripes with floral patterns.
  • The bedroom oozes comfort and relaxation. Can stripes help you amplify this effect? Sure!

These are but some of the rooms where stripes can work wonders. Where else do you think adding stripes would be a good idea?

2. Vintage Wallpaper

How about adding some charm to the renovated space? It’s easy to do this with vintage wallpaper, which is highly connected to retro wallpaper.

But what makes it such a good choice for any space?

  • Travel through time: Do you ever think about the good old days? Vintage wallpaper is a great way to relive history. You can picture yourself as a child or young adult moving through life, knowing so little yet believing so much. You get to enjoy these experiences again and embark on adventures without so much as leaving your home.
  • Pay an ode to art: You can reflect the various styles of living seen through history on your wall. Choose any region and era and have this shown on your space, and anyone walking into the room will equate it to being in an art gallery.
  • Lean into simplicity: People often state that the good old days are better than what we have now. Of course, it’s probably because times were simpler back then. But whether this is true or not, we can appreciate just how much a little effort went a long way back then.

So, choose an era and a style and start working on your masterpiece.

3. Geometric Wallpaper

How much thought do you give to shapes when setting up your home? Shapes are everywhere- from the furniture to the accessories.

So, ignoring their existence can spell bad news for your home renovation. Let’s start with the walls. Geometric wallpaper allows you to play around with shapes to elicit emotions in your guests.

For example, circles evoke pleasant feelings and boast of femininity. Now, let’s think of spaces that could benefit from more shapes:

  • The bedroom: What can you use to influence relaxation in these spaces? Studies show that one-dimensional shapes are the way to go. So, you should be fine whether you go with stripes or do some circles.
  • The bathroom: Can you ever go wrong with abstract shapes? Not in the bathroom. So, choose whatever catches your eye and add some bright colors to liven up the space. Bath time will be much more fun this way.
  • The dining room: Did you know that shapes can influence your appetite too? Here, we advocate for three-dimensional shapes that will get your mind going.

When working with any shapes, ask yourself what effect they will have on the people in the room.

4. Floral Wallpaper

It’s almost impossible to talk about trending wallpapers without touching on floral designs. After all, how can you ignore the beauty imparted by these pieces?

They invite nature into our homes, eliciting feelings of calm and relaxation. So, even if you don’t get to see the outdoors much, you can remain grounded.

What colors would be ideal for floral settings?

  • Pink: This hue is perfect for romantic setups so that it can work great for dining areas,
  • Red: If you want to evoke feelings of fire and love, this is the way to go,
  • Yellow: Why not invite some sunshine into your world? Yellow is a happy color that inspires warmth in any space. Plus, it is significantly stimulating.

Don’t shy away from other hues, too, as they might be what complete your space.

5. Luxury Wallpaper

Why stick with the same old designs when you can lean into luxury? Luxury does not always need to be opulent. Sometimes, a minimalist approach will work the magic.

So, how do these approaches work?

In the minimalist design, you do away with the conspicuousness of opulence. Instead, you lean on curated pieces that afford value to the space without dominating it.

You go all out with the luxury for the maximalist design – shows of gold, fine woods, high-quality accessories, etc. Thus, when choosing a wallpaper, you must ensure it ties in with the approach you want.

To properly DIY these removable wallpapers, you must prep the wall and ensure that it’s smooth.

Otherwise, the bumps on the surface could cause air bubbles that would weaken the bond between the paper and the wall.

That said, have fun on this new project!

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