Rustic but Elegant: How to Create the Ultimate Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse-style design is associated with rustic elements, but there are more possibilities to develop it. You can create a farmhouse living room in any types of home, but still accommodate the original interior design. Basically, you need good balance between rustic and simple elegance, point on practicality, more vintage furniture, and additional natural elements. Here are the things you need to learn about creating a farmhouse-style living room.

Farmhouse Living Room Paint Colors

Farmhouse Living Room Paint Colors

Farmhouse-style buildings are identical with natural or earth-related shades. This means there are many brown, beige, white, gray, leaf green, faded orange or yellow, and light blue. Imagine the colors of natural stones, wood, grasses, sky, coal, dandelions, and other rural-related objects, and apply them in the design.

A popular design element is pairing white or off-white walls with wooden beams. They already have contrasting colors, but still look natural and perfect for farmhouse-style design. You can also use grey natural stones as accents, such as around the fireplace, as floor, or on one side of the room as focal point.

Your furniture or accessories can provide the sharper or brighter shades as accents. For example, you may pick darker green or blue as sofas, or faded floral patterns as chair cushions.

Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

Most of farmhouse-style furniture items put emphasis on practicality, rustic style, vintage elements, and natural materials such as wood or wicker. Some great examples of furniture include:

  • Rustic wooden chest

Wooden chest is a multipurpose object, which makes it popular in farmhouse design style. It can be a coffee table or additional storage space, perfect for a small house.

  • Reclaimed wooden boards

Reclaimed wooden boards, especially from barns, can add rural touch into a house. These boards can be turned into walls, tables, floors, vertical planters, or shelves.

  • Rattan or wicker furniture

Rattan or wicker give rustic, outdoorsy feeling to a room, especially if your living room has large windows. They are light, easy to move, and go well with farmhouse theme.

  • Stone fireplace

Stone fireplace gives warm, comfortable air in a living room. It also goes well with farmhouse theme, especially if the stone has rustic look.

Other suitable furniture items you can try incorporating include wooden cabinet, vintage sofa or armchair, swing chair, and long wooden bench. You can also incorporate something with weathered look, such as any furniture item made of recycled wood.

Farmhouse Living Room Accessories

Farmhouse Living Room Accessories

When decorating a farmhouse-style living room, avoid going too overboard with the “kitsch”. You may use cow print pillows or subdued floral patterns on the curtains, but avoid excessive cow prints or large, cartoonish flowers everywhere. Restrain your taste in colors and patterns to get elegant but rustic look.

You can add typical farmhouse accessories to get the right look. Bronze elements such as candle holders and lighting fixtures give vintage look suitable for the design. You can also attach round chandelier, or use slipcovers to create homey and inviting look.

A well-designed farmhouse living room has warm and familiar atmosphere, complete with some old-school charms. Pick your furniture and colors carefully to get farmhouse look that can go with any interior design type.

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