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Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that the air coming into your home doesn’t have to be clean.

Your home air systems are constantly pumping in the airflow that you enjoy throughout your home.

But the air coming in is actually cleaned when it passes through the air filters that you have in the system.

These filters are in place to capture the many, many pollutants and pathogens that try to find their way through your air system and into your home.

Without them, you could be breathing in all kinds of pollutants without even realizing it.

You’ll need air filters in your systems and to make sure that they continue to work properly.

Home Air System Air Filters

The way that air filters work is that as your air systems pump in airflow, that air passes through a tight mesh weaving.

This weaving is capable of cleaning up the incoming airflow and keep the air inside of your home clear of pollutants.

The ability of these filters to clean out airflow is actually rated on the MERV scale. It’s an easy to understand system that tells you just how effective a filter is.

Higher rated filters are capable of filtering out particles as small as viruses and smoke.

But be careful, higher-rated filters are made for industrial level air systems and will require more energy from a system in order to work properly.

Which may start having it’s effects on your energy bill over time if you do not pay attention.

It’s best to find a happy medium, with filters that clean incoming airflow well without causing too much of a strain on the system they are in.

These kinds of filters are a bit more expensive but they tend to be worth it as expressed in this articles.

Furnace Air Filters

Your furnace will need air filters too in order to prevent the heated air from bringing in airborne pathogens.

The filters are placed at strategic points that keep the air flowing consistently and cleanly. But like any other tool, the filters wear down after continuous use and need replacement before they start causing issues.

This is especially true for furnace filters since the air being processed is heated as well. It’s important to make sure the air filters in any home system are clean and working well.

Which means consistently replacing filters as they grow old and cluttered. Otherwise, the airflow becomes blocked and the heated air builds, which will eventually damage your furnace system.

Keeping Your Home Additions Functioning Well

In order to actually benefit from air filters in your home system, you’ll need to make sure that they are replaced at regular intervals.

Air filters are constantly used to clean up incoming airflow which means their mesh weaving is slowly filled with captured particles.

This leads to filled mesh weaving and a harder time for airflow to push through. Avoid this by making sure your filters are regularly swapped out and the systems inspected for damages.

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