Normal Garbage Disposal Vs Heavy Duty Garbage Disposal

When choosing a garbage disposal, you might think about a normal type or heavy-duty garbage disposal.

But the challenge is; do you feel tired because you’re always careful about the type of food craps that you’ve to put inside the garbage disposal?

If you’re new on garbage disposal appliance, this is where you should be. You’ll learn different benefits associated with the type of garbage disposal you choose for your kitchen.

Challenges Of Not Using Strong Enough Garbage Disposal

In case you have got a disposal in your kitchen that doesn’t handle food scraps you feed, then you might face two common problems.

First, you might force the appliance to clog with food materials.

Secondly, the garbage disposal appliance will Jam. However, the consequences of the above problems will extend beyond.

Jammed Up Garbage Disposal

It depends on the garbage disposal you’ve. For example, normal garbage disposal of ½ -HP can’t be used for wastes that are hard.

If you dispose of chicken bones, the disposal will jam and therefore, you’ve to take the appliance parts apart for you to unjam it.

The other method you can use to unjam your appliance is through manual force where you’ve to insert a certain tool that is underneath the disposal. It will, therefore, the appliance to turn.

The problem is that the jam will break the motor causing you to replace the entire appliance when the shell of the appliance cracks.

If the shell cracks, it means that you will have leaking water that causes damage to the kitchen floor and cabinet.

Clogging Problems

it’s the same for normal garbage disposal. For example, when you try to feed it with many food scraps, sometimes you might cause clogging.

If clogging takes place, water and food waste won’t drain from the disposal that leads to water overflow causing damage.

For you to fix the bad clog, you will be forced to disassemble your garbage disposal. It will incur you extra cost when you’ve to hire a plumber.

If you know the garbage disposal you’ve is weak, try to separate food wastes or buy a heavy-duty garbage disposal.

Info About Heavy Duty Garbage Disposal

There is a common misunderstanding with people who think that all garbage disposals can handle all types of food scraps. It’s something you have to know that it’s not true at

For a home waste disposal, it ranges from ⅓ -HP up to 1-HP which helps to create a big difference in performance.

If you have the smallest, it can only handle the lighter food scraps such as vegetable and fruit peels.

Powerful garbage disposal, on the other hand, it can help to grind tougher food types and also those having fiber such as small bones, corn husks.

Advantages Of Heavy Duty Garbage Disposals

  • Longer warranty
  • Quieter
  • Can mindlessly insert the food scraps
  • Longer lifespan

Disadvantages Of Heavy Duty Garbage Disposals

  • Bulkier
  • Expensive
  • Noisy when not insulated

Final Words

It’s essential to follow the instructions while using garbage disposal.if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, the worse scenario you can get is serious leaks leading to water damage.

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