How to Clean Electric Fireplace to Make It Energy Efficient

An electric fireplace is an excellent option for people living in a warmer climate. There is no creosote or soot to pollute the firebox’s interior.

In addition to that, throughout the heating process, it does not release pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide. That is why; it is the healthier option to make your home warmer. 

Comparatively, it requires very low maintenance than the traditional fireplaces. We know that the traditional fireplaces come with smokestacks or chimneys.

That is why it requires more maintenance than the electric one. Electric fireplaces do not require any ventilation system or costly renovation to operate, as these don’t produce any ash.

Still, this has a maintenance necessity just like a fuel-burning fireside appliance. You need to check up the appliances regularly for proper maintenance.

Also, cleaning the fireplace glass in the right way can make it more energy-efficient.

For maintaining the energy efficiency, you need to make a periodical inspection schedule based on several circumstances below described.

A. How to Clean Your Electric Fireplace

During Start-Up

  • Observe closely to any bad smells.
  • Keep attention for any strange sounds like rattling noise or whistling sound.
  • Notice for any unusual system operation.

Before Burn Season

  • Check twice the power cord if it is damaged or okay
  • Inspect power cord in every two months interval for year-round.
  • Remove the access panels and clear all areas to protect from dust build-up.


  • Replace the burned bulbs.
  • Vacuum out thoroughly the dust from crevices and blower fans.
  • Keep following manufacturer recommendations.

B. Changing the Source of Fire

It is nice that in your fireplace, there won’t be any particulates or residue or those require a crush. Here, the source of fire is light bulbs.

You just need to change a couple of bulbs at a regular interval. Proper firing source maintenance can keep your electric fireplace energy efficient.

The preferable interval is every two years. Changing lights is not difficult enough. You just need to keep some important points to focus on.

1. Precaution

Before taking an attempt at any working with the electric fireplace, make sure that the glass fireplace is unplugged and inactive.

If you have used the fireplace recently, allow some time (15 – 20 minutes) to cool down the bulbs before starting.

2. Get Light Bulbs Access

You will get the electric fireplace’s light bulbs typically near the unit’s back. You can access those through the rear panel.

There is a possibility to get the panel secured with several screws. You can easily remove these. Make sure to use the reference manual to ensure the best accessing way of a specific light bulb unit.

So, the headrest part is over now!

3. Replace Bulbs

After opening the panel and exposing the interior, getting the light bulbs is quite easy like 1-2-3. You can cross-check with your specific manual to get a proper way for bulb replacement.

Some bulbs require some exceptional settings, so manual checking is important. If you don’t have the manual, don’t give up! When you can access the bulbs, remove previous bulbs.

To remove, use a counter-clockwise motion. Then, install new bulbs with a clockwise manner.

4. Maintain Security

In the case of some bulbs, it requires extra caution to replace. Like, if you are changing halogen bulbs, make sure to wear hand gloves or use a cloth to touch it. It can create an accident by touching it with your bare hands.

5. Electric Plugin

After replacing fresh light bulbs, attach the control panel again with safety. When the bulbs are ready to burn, plug in the electric fireplace. Now, enjoy the warm ambience that you deserve.

Important note: If it is necessary to change one bulb, it is wise to change the others in this chance. The replacement at the same time will be convenient and reduce the time for repeated maintenance.

C. Clean or replace the fireplace glass door

It will not take enough time for sure. Cleaning the exterior of the electric fireplace is very easy and time-efficient. Proper maintenance of glass displays can hold on the aesthetic performance of your fireplace for a long period.

It also carries real appearance when it is clean.  To prevent the glass from getting turbid, clean it with a damp towel or cloth and warm lite soapy water. Lint-free cloth/towel can perform better here.

After cleaning with soapy water, wipe it out with normal clear water. End of the cleaning, make sure the glass surface is dry to avoid the soap scum or water spot. 

To clean dust or dry particles, you can use dry cloth or duster. Using a commercial glass cleaner is not preferable here. The cleaners contain such chemicals that are flammable.

This can be harmful to the fireplace and that can reduce the durability of glass.

D. Clean or Changing Fan

The fan is alone the most significant part of an electric fireplace. Luckily, most of the electric fireplaces require very little further attention because the fans and motors are assembled pre-lubricated.

However, a little care can save your energy in a huge amount. The first and foremost tip to know the fan cleaning necessity is checking the pattern of rotation.

If the fan is functioning properly, the rotation pattern will be non-hesitating and it will contain no lint or dust.

If you get any malfunction, you need immediate proper cleaning. To clean your unit’s fan you need a vacuum with a wand nozzle and any small size brush.

First of all, take off the fan grille and lightly clean using the brush to remove dust or any other particles. Make sure that each blade is now clean. Continue with the vacuum to clean any debris fallen there.

A regular fan cleaning will ensure the optimal energy-saving performance with durability. Again, never forget to unplug and completely turn off the unit before starting any maintenance work. 

If you get the fan creating any unusual noise or any malfunction, it is wise to change. This will be a safe further use of it. If you feel the need for replacement, you can fix it according to the user manual direction.

In that case, only do it yourself when you are confident enough to handle it alone. Otherwise, don’t take a risk; rather, call an expert for a safe replacement.

Electric fireplace maintenance is not a difficult task. You can easily keep your unit with a fresh look. The energy-saving adequate maintenance can leave you to sit back and relax.

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