3 Tips for A Functional L Shaped Kitchen Design

While the use of a kitchen becomes more functional – that is, also serves as a dining area – L shaped kitchen design too, achieve more popularity thanks to its practical reasons. The open and spacious nature of the design can accommodate enough people to snuggle and have a delicious meal together. More often, this type of layout is suitable for small to medium kitchen space.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L Shaped Kitchen Layout


The practical layout of L shaped kitchen design includes two adjoining walls that meet in the corner and create the ‘L’ form. Compare to the H or U shape, the L shaped kitchen is widely popular for giving more floor space and allowing a greater efficient workflow. Depending on your preference, you can have the same-length runs or different length.

L shaped kitchen has the ability to separate work zones, letting you cook in the different zone with the other person preparing another meal. The layout also creates an open plan living, airier, mainly if you design it near the windows. Be careful though, as you may give your guests a back-stare during the cooking time.

L Shaped Kitchen with Island

L Shaped Kitchen with Island


Many small to medium kitchen take benefit from the L shaped design, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add a kitchen island to create a focal point. Place the island in the middle of the room, and it’s a great solution to provide additional storage while creating more workspace at the same time. The island can accommodate either a sink or cooktop, but most people will prefer a clear top.

L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets

L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets


When space doesn’t allow an island, the option to add more storage space is down to installing upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Most L shaped kitchen design comes with closed upper cabinets and additional corner storage roundabout. If you decide to install the upper cabinets high, be sure to add more ceiling light for better illumination.

L shaped kitchen design is effective, efficient, and create open space workstation. The functionality of two-wall setup can fit almost any corner of the room.

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