Separate with Style: Modern Room Divider Areas for Chic House

Room divider functions more than just separating two rooms or spaces. Modern room divider ideas can make your house more eye-catching. A divider is also great to create more privacy without sacrificing too much space for walls. Here are some great ideas for room dividers that don’t look boring.

DIY Modern Room Divider

DIY Modern Room Divider

If you have a small residence, such as studio apartment or two-bedroom urban home, you can make your own divider with low cost. For example, you can use simple curtains and a railing to create a flexible divider. Choose curtains that match your house’s design, with matching a color or your favorite patterns.

IKEA shelves can double as a functional divider. Choose DIY shelving unit that almost reaches your ceiling, and use it as a divider to store books or holiday trinkets.

Modern Room Divider Half Walls

Modern Room Divider Half Walls

If you have limited space and need something that can be moved easily, modern room divider with the size of half walls can be your choice. These dividers are light, easily moved, and available in various colors and patterns.

Japanese or French-door style dividers are popular because of their simple elegance. However, there are richly-patterned dividers for contemporary or artsy designs. There are also dividers with professional photos printed on their surfaces, such as the images of the beach, forest, famous cities, sky, and many more.

Modern Room Divider Bookcase

Modern Room Divider Bookcase

Finally, if you are a practical reader type, you can just use an actual bookcase as a divider. There are many bookcase types you can use to improve your home, but make sure you choose the right size and model. For example, if you have a spacious room, you can install a bookcase that reaches the ceiling.

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If you have a small house, choose the one that has “floating” design, which means high enough but does not touch the ceiling. This will create more spacious and less cramped look in a small space.

A simple room divider can transform your house into the dream home, even with a spacious living area. Choose one of these modern room divider ideas to create the look you want.


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