Orange Kitchen Ideas for Fresh, Contemporary Kitchen

Orange is a color that brings energy and freshness. There are many good orange kitchen ideas to turn your home into a contemporary dwelling. Even if you prefer simple decorations, orange shades will make your kitchen pop.

Here are some things you can do in the kitchen with orange shades.

Orange Kitchen Decor

Orange Kitchen Decor


Orange décor elements are perfect if you do not want to go too bold with bright color. You can use neutral shades for the kitchen background elements (walls and floor), but use orange as the accent. Splashes of bright color here and there will make your kitchen more interesting.

One good idea is combining light or greyish blue with orange, because blue is the opposite of orange in the color wheel. Use blue walls or cabinets in the kitchen, and add orange as chairs, chandelier shade, and utensils. Add natural elements such as orange flowers in a vase, or a bunch of oranges in a bowl.

Other “safe” way to add orange in the kitchen is by adding artworks. Modern paintings or mosaic backsplash, for example, will brighten your kitchen without being loud.

Orange Kitchen Curtains

Orange Kitchen Curtains


Orange kitchen curtains will instantly transform a drab kitchen. Use long, sheer curtains that are installed higher than the rail for a small kitchen. If you have spacious kitchen, thicker curtains are great. You can also choose patterned curtains to match with your favorite interior design.

If you have an outdoor dining area, such as on a connected patio, you can use curtains to create a divider between the kitchen and the dining area.

Orange Kitchen Walls

Orange Kitchen Walls


Finally, make that “big leap” by having orange kitchen walls. Coral orange is a great option for a modern kitchen, and you can pair it with white cabinets, countertop, and floor. You can also choose one wall to paint with orange, and use it as a focal point. Use different textures for the other walls, such as exposed bricks.

Orange kitchen ideas are great to get a fresh-looking kitchen. Try adding orange to your kitchen, and see how quickly it transforms the room.

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