Fixture and Furnishing Choice to Complete Your Rustic Kitchen Decor

Applying a rustic theme to your kitchen means that you will provide the typical ambiance of the countryside to your cooking and eating space. The cozy and warm feeling will automatically be yours as long as you choose the right fixtures and furnishings to complete your rustic kitchen decor.

Rustic Kitchen Lighting

Rustic Kitchen Lighting


Although it is not regularity, a high kitchen ceiling with exposed reflection is considered one of the most distinctive features in a rustic kitchen. Regarding this, the ceiling structure should be accompanied by lighting that can soften the mood as well as create an inviting glow. Orb and pendant lights with lots of straight lines are the best options for a rustic theme.

Moreover, to enhance the sense of antique and vintage, choose a lighting device that is made of natural materials and at the same time, adorned with bright colors or ornate accents. This choice of lighting type will surely add a lively and warm feature into the kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets


In addition to exposed ceiling, a country and rustic kitchen style feature exposed shelving and cabinetry. The cabinets, which are usually made of reclaimed wood, are often painted earthly hues such as red or brown. In some cases, it is also a good choice to use neutral colors—gray, white, or cream—for the rustic kitchen cabinets.

If exposed cabinets do not match your style, you can always decorate them with a mixture of embellishments, such as carved woods or heavy copper.

Rustic Kitchen Table

Rustic Kitchen Table


Kitchen table in this regard consists of several elements: cooking station, countertops, kitchen island, and a dining table to accommodate family and guests. If you want to include all elements at once, choose the same type of material for each element.

Solid and tropical woods such as pine and teak are more preferable, especially for classic countertops and cooking station. With the same material, you can make a farm-style dining table with decorative or carved legs.

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