3 Ways to Design Shabby Chic Kitchen Décor

There’s nothing more vintage than arranging shabby chic kitchen décor with come leftovers, recycled furnishing, and weathered ornaments. Instead of making your kitchen looks dull and vile, putting the right tooling will help you enhance the mood surround.

Your best bet would be lying at the local auction house, furniture recycling outlet or the pre-loved charity shops. Try to find something brownish vintage furniture, or tattered tapestry to go along well with the open windows. In many cases, shabby chic kitchen décor must have anything to do with old-style.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Wall Décor

Others may argue shabby chic as bohemian or industrial kitchen, but that doesn’t seem surprising, thanks to the similar characteristics between the two. You’ll see most shabby chic kitchen wall décor is dominated by boring, pale, neutral color palette like white (yawn).

While shabby chic kitchen décor wall painting may bore out one’s brain, you can add some cheers by embodying pastel color scheme. The white wall will blend beautifully with pink rose, pastel green, or taupe. Remember that the wall décor in shabby chic style has endless possibilities; try adding some rustic board sign or plants mounted on the wall.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


Designing shabby chic kitchen décor with upper glass cabinets is a must. The cabinets are mostly painted in white or brown with some beautiful china and wine glasses looking behind the shelves. The lower closed cabinets should be the ones hiding all the condiments and food stock. A freestanding storage space also makes a great option in your kitchen, with a touch of subtle textures.

Modern Shabby Chic Kitchen

Modern Shabby Chic Kitchen


Now let’s not talk about the shabby chic ages ago; it’s time for you to think of minimalism. Modern shabby chic kitchen décor mostly combines the vintage elements with modern touch such as pastel-y color pallets and futuristic-looking furnishing. You can add a mirror to the kitchen to create an optical illusion or add floral ornamentals in the airy and light surrounding.

The key to shabby chic kitchen décor is simplicity and plainness. Make sure you don’t put anything crowd-y or clutter-y; simply keep the space whimsical with natural elements.

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