5 Best Shower Doors for Your Bath tub in 2021

Style and trends are fleeting. Out with the old, in with the new!

Every year sets in with a new set of fashion trends, 2021 is no exception. From casual clothing to home interior, everything is following suit. 

Bar none, bathroom interiors are also evolving with time. Bathrooms are not only designed to cleanse the body but to freshen up the mind and restore composure after a tough day. Therefore, special attention should be given to bathroom styling. 

Bathtubs have become a part of contemporary bathroom interiors. And styling the bathtub with the right shower doors can change the whole look of the bathroom. 

Sounds dense, right?

Well, we have some super-trendy shower door ideas to grace your bathrooms with, in 2021.  

What Are Glass Shower Doors For Bathtub?

Let’s start with some basics.

Bathtubs are an ultra-luxe, in-trend element that levels up the bathroom interior significantly. It is believed to be a necessary part of the state-of-art bathrooms. 

To create an exclusive shower area, glass shower doors are mounted to the tub or installed around the tub.

The glass sheets create an enclosure that keeps the water from splashing out of the shower area. The enclosure also provides privacy and adds an upscale feel to the interior. 

Benefits of Installing Glass Shower Doors for Your Bathtub

Being a cost-effective option, the thought of settling for the shower curtains might have struck you. However, why are we backing glass doors for bathtubs? 

Well, there are a number of aesthetic and functional benefits associated with glass doors. Here are some. 

  • Shower curtains block the light while glass doors allow the light to pass through and brighten up the shower area. 
  • Glass doors radiate elegance and elevate the overall look. 
  • Shower doors can more effectively keep the water in as compared to the shower curtains. 
  • Glass has an inherent ability to make the interior space look wider and brighter. And shower doors around the bathtubs are a great way to make an illusion of space.   
  • Shower curtains are typically porous and more prone to breeding mold or fungus due to wet conditions. While glass is non-porous and resistant to generating mildew. 
  • Glass is durable as compared to shower curtains.

Trending Shower Door Styles for Bathtubs

Different styles and types of shower doors are available to accent different bathroom interiors. 

We are recommending some shower doors for bathtubs to boost your bathroom style. 

Frameless – For a sleek look

As the name implies, frameless shower doors for bathtubs have no frames. Frameless showers are modern trends and offer a flawlessly sleek look.

This truly clean-slate design makes the bathroom look bigger. Frameless shower doors are always in-trend choice and give off an opulent look with minimal effort. 

Semi-Frameless – Subtle and sturdy choice

Semi-frameless doors are one of the most celebrated types to design luxurious spaces. The door has metal frames throughout the structure except for the entryway, thus scoring the title – semi-frameless.

The metal body provides support making it easy to handle the delicacy of glass. These design-savvy pieces are available with different framing materials to suit your preferences.

If you want to have a subtle yet sturdy shower door for the bathtub, go for semi-frameless doors. 

Framed – for full bathtub enclosure

Want to go old-school with glass shower doors, choose basic framed glass doors. These entryways never go out of style and keep on radiating their refined brilliance.

Framed shower doors come in sliding as well as swing style and provide a full bathtub enclosure. The framed glass shower door or shower screen acts as a permanent barrier and prevent water from splashing around.

Hinged or Swing Glass Doors –A stable upgrade option

These shower doors for the bathtub have hinges or pivots at one side and they swing open or shut. Hinged shower doors are a more stable choice.

The pivots can hold bigger and heavier glass doors quite effectively. Therefore, they work well for providing enclosure to bigger bathtubs. 

Bypass or Sliding Doors – A super convenient choice

In this configuration, the glass panels are attached to a metal track. The panels slide left or right to allow entry into the bathtub. Bypass shower doors are a recurring trend in bathroom interiors.

These doors also come in handy for people with mobility issues.

Grid Pattern or French Shower Doors – Great pick if your concern is the grace with safety

French shower doors are an ultra-chic part of the contemporary bathrooms. The unique grid pattern outfits more grace ensures better security and.

These doors enhance the shower nooks by characterizing their intrinsic elegance. 

Things you should know when choosing a Shower Door

Next in line is the points to be noted while choosing a shower door. Here are a few things that you should consider before the final call.

Size of the Bathtub

Taking the right measurements is of core importance in choosing the suitable shower door for a bathtub.

Glass doors are readily available for standard measurement (that is 60 inches) but for bathtubs with other dimensions, custom doors are usually designed.  

Type of Door

Considering the space constraints, you will have to choose the style of the door. If you have enough space around the bathtub, you can choose swinging doors.

However, for smaller shower spaces, sliding glass doors work best. Analyze your shower area and see what suits you best. 

Bathtub Edge Measurements 

The type of bathtub edge holds a significant place in the shower door selection.

The doors are installed on the edge so the door type must correspond with the type and size of edges. Some doors are only designed for straight surfaces while others go along with curved edges, so pay attention to the edges and choose the shower door accordingly. 

Installing the Shower Door  

Installing a shower door for the bathtub is quite a job. The intricacy of the task requires professional assistance but you can do it yourself by following some simple instructions. 

  • The first step includes taking the accurate measurements of bathtub dimensions, choosing a suitable shower door, and getting it.
  • Once you have the glass door in your hands, mark the points where the door is to be installed. 
  • Drill in the walls or bathtub edges (according to your door type) and screw in the door.
  • Be careful with the door and use caulk to ensure that the whole setting is water-tight. 

Final Words!

With every passing year, home designing is becoming more realistic and minimalistic.

Having in mind what the world has gone through during 2020, the style aesthetic is expected to become more in sync with nature. Instead of investing in huge posh shower areas, bathtub shower enclosures will become the new normal.

Considering these facts, we have brought forth these design inspirations. We hope we have played our bit to make your decision easy. Just put in a little thought and you are good to step up your bathroom aesthetics game. 

Happy styling!

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