Unique Home Decor Trends To Watch for in the New Year

Trends in home decor are constantly changing and evolving, making the newest trends and updates important things to watch for in the new year.

Designing or updating your home is exciting and there are a variety of places to draw inspiration from as you begin the redesign process.

Whether you want to redesign a room of your home, or you want to redo the exterior of your home with the most unique siding on the market, learning about popular home decor trends can be extremely beneficial and can provide you with inspiration.

Below are some home decor trends to watch for and consider incorporating in your home in the new year.

2020 Interior and Exterior Design Trends

Creating a space in your home that is aesthetically pleasing and exactly what you want is important.

You spend a good amount of your time in your home, so why not make it exactly what you have been dreaming of?

Here are some authentic interior and exterior design trends that will set your home apart in 2020:

Floral Wallpaper or Accent Walls

Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback in the new year; especially floral wallpaper.

Large scale floral and bold color wallpaper is increasing in popularity; especially in family rooms and powder rooms.

If you aren’t ready to totally commit to floral wallpaper in your home, incorporating a bold accent wall is another popular trend.

Color Cabinets

Like the bold accent walls and floral wallpaper, color cabinets are a bright and exciting trend to add to your home.

Some people are choosing to install all colored cabinets, while others are choosing to install an accent island or colored base cabinets.

This unique style choice is especially pleasing to the eye when paired with white or black kitchen appliances and accessories.

Wood-Working with Floor Decor

Hardwood flooring is the most popular floor covering on the market right now, this is largely because of the classic look it provides, as well as the durability and the easy cleanup benefits.

Some wood floor trends to keep an eye on in 2020 include:

Playing with Patterns

Uniquely laid patterns of wood test the status quo of traditional floor covering and are particularly great additions to bathrooms and family rooms.

Chevron and Herringbone are great choices if you are considering installing a uniquely patterned hard surface in your home.

Distressed and Strong Grain Wood

This kind of hardwood undergoes an intensive staining and fuming process which creates a distressed look.

Flooring distributors all over the world are beginning to carry various distressed grains of wood that are appropriate for any room of the house.

These kinds of wood also come in shades ranging from taupe, to tan, to gray.

Bleached Wood

The classic, glossy brown stain of hardwood is decreasing in popularity as people are choosing more creative ways to fashion their flooring.

Bleached wood gives the wood an ashy-white look while still preserving the natural wood look. Bleached wood can come in various shades.

Color-Pop on the Exterior of Your Home

Most garages and shutters are painted, white, beige or brown, however in 2020, people are becoming more bold with their exterior color choices.

Colors such as teal, dark green, light blue or red are among the most popular color choices for the exterior of homes.

 An expert who works with garage door repairs in Haddonfield pointed out that if choosing a bold/ bright color is too much for a homeowner, customers have the option to also choose a deep brown or black paint.

Deep brown or black gives people the opportunity to have a bold and elegant look on the exterior of their home while not going over the top.

Unique Fire Pit Designs

Fire pits are great additions for any backyard, especially if you enjoy entertaining outdoors.

Perfect for both warm and cold months, fire pits came in a variety of styles and designs; and installing a unique firepit can give your landscape an entirely new look.

Two popular designs are a hardscape prism-shaped fire pit, and a circular, pave stone fire pit.

Create an Impressive Interior and Intriguing Exterior

If you want your home to stand out and be the first to showcase the latest trends in home decor design, these ideas may be a good place to start.

Remember to look on social media and home decor websites in order to stay up to date with what’s new in interior and exterior designs.

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