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30 Amazing Fairy Garden Ideas You Can Try at Home

Fairy Garden Ideas

Gardening can be lots of fun. It can relieve stress and will make your backyard looks lively. There are many exciting ways to do gardening. One of the most people’s favorite is making a fairy garden in their backyards. Here we present 30 amazing fairy garden ideas you can try at home.

A fairy garden can bring back childhood memories. It can be a good playing ground for children and increase their imaginations.

Don’t have a large backyard for a fairy house?

Well, you can use a little pot or basket to make a mini fairy garden for your interior. Building a fairy house is simple.

First of all, you need to decide what container you are going to use, then draw your fairy garden plan in a sketchbook, and arrange the materials you need like gravel, herbs, and many others.

Don’t have any idea where to start? Worry not.

Feeling curious already? Let’s scroll down.

1. Tiny Little House

Tiny Little House fairy garden

Welcome to the little fairy house. This fairy garden Is so simple and doesn’t really need difficult materials. First of all, you need to prepare the container, like this plant pot.

Then, you can add a birdhouse as your little fairy’s home sweet home, then you can add some details like little flowers, grasses, and gravel. Voila… your tiny fairy house is ready.

It’s pretty easy, right? Do you think you should try this DIY fairy garden idea?

2. Little Tree House

Little Tree House

There is nothing comfier for a fairy than a little tree house, because legend says that fairies are living in the tree houses. Well, why don’t use the idea to build a real fairy house?

Get a perfect dried branch from your backyard, put it in a container, and build a little wooden tree house on it. To make it perfect, you can also add stairs to the tree house. Don’t forget to add some grasses and gravel to make it realistic.

Do you think a fairy would come and live in the tree house you have just made?

3. Cactus Fairy

Cactus Fairy

A broken pot can be a perfect container for your fairy garden. Arrange the broken pieces to make the stairs to your fairy house.

Don’t forget to put some soil and grass on the stairs. Fairies will enjoy climbing the stairs to get to the tree house. Grow some herbs and put some gravel in the pot. A little cactus can be a perfect decoration too.

So, do you think fairies are gonna this idea?

4. Party in the Fairy House

Party in the Fairy House

Who says a party is just for humans? Fairies might like partying too. You can do them a favor by decorating the fairy garden using little lampions. Well, it might sound a little difficult, but actually it is not that difficult.

You just need some Christmas lights, cover them in colorful paper, and decorate the lights in the fairy garden. Simple, right?

So, do you think your fairies are gonna be surprised by your idea?

5. Basket for Fairy Garden

Basket for Fairy Garden

It’s springtime in the fairy garden. Bring the spring vibe into the garden by planting some little flowers and herbs. You can get a pair of tiny chairs for your little fairies too. You can add a little lollipop and pretend that the lollipop is a colorful mushroom.

It is going to be spring forever in the fairy garden. Do you think your fairy likes the spring season?

6. Fairy Kingdom


Do you have a large garden in front of your house? Instead of making a little fairy house, why don’t give stray fairy houses by building a fairy kingdom?

You can make a bigger castle, river, bridge, and many others in the garden. If you need herbs to make a fairy garden on a pot, you can use larger plants to build a fairy kingdom.

So, wanna try this fairy kingdom idea on your garden?

7. Cozy Living Place for a Fairy

Cozy Living Place for a Fairy

Build a cozy house for your fairy. You need some materials like a fairy house, other materials like a little well, a chair, plants, and gravel. This idea is perfect for you if you don’t have a large garden but would like to have a cool fairy garden.

What do you think? Do you want to try this idea?

8. Farmhouse of the Fairy

Farmhouse of the Fairy

Have some neglected pots in your garden? Why don’t try transforming them into some cool fairy gardens?

You can use one pot to make a fairy house, then use the other pots to make some kind of playing ground for the fairy. If you want to make something different, try to use a unique concept, such as building a fairy garden for a farmer fairy.

You probably need some tiny farming items too.

What do you think about this idea? Do you think you should try this DIY fairy garden idea?

9. Garden Made of Stones

Garden Made of Stones

For you, it’s just a little house from some tiny gravel. But for the fairies, these gravels are the most important materials to build their home.

Collect some gravel and arrange them in certain shapes using super sticky glue. You can make the house, the little fish pool, and stairs too. Add a pair of chairs for your fairies, and don’t forget to grow some herbs.

Looks great, doesn’t it? Do you like the idea?

10. Little Garden on a Little Basket

Little Garden on a Little Basket

Don’t have too enough time to collect materials and make your own little fairy house?

Well, you can make a simple fairy garden using some gravel, little chopped tree branches, succulent plants, and grasses. All you need is to arrange them with your creativity and imagination.

Don’t forget to consider the container too, whether you would like to have a fairy garden on a plant pot or in a basket as you can see in the picture.

So, do you like this simple fairy garden idea?

11. Path to a Fairy House

Path to a Fairy House

Have a big tree in front of your house? You can make a cool fairy garden from it.

Just make a simple wooden door, and stick the door to the tree with glue. A window can be a good material too. Then, make a path that is leading to the door. You can add a wooden bridge to make it more artistic too.

Put some gravel below the bridge and pretend that it is just a river.

Cool idea, isn’t it? Do you think a real fairy is gonna come and stay in your tree house?

12. Let the Fairy Chill

Let the Fairy Chill

A broken pot never ceases to amaze people when it is transformed into a little fairy garden. Especially if it is made by creative people.

Build a three-story fairy garden and fill the garden with some succulent plants, little decorations like a fairy house and bridge, and a ‘real’ fairy. Let your fairy admire the beauty of nature and chill in the house.

So, do you think this fairy garden container is gonna be perfect for you?

13. Fairy Garden on the Old Plant Pot

Fairy Garden on the Old Plant Pot

Have a broken old pot in your backyard? Don’t throw it. Just transform the pot into a magical fairy garden. Find the perfect materials like your favorite tiny plants and herbs, gravels, and don’t forget the fairy house too.

If you make it beautiful enough, a real fairy is probably going to come and stay at your fairy garden.

What do you think? Do you like this mini garden container?

14. Easy-to-Move Fairy Castle

Easy-to-Move Fairy Castle

A moving castle is not something impossible. Create your own moving fairy house by installing double wheels on the little wooden pallet and putting your fairy garden container on it. Or have your fairy garden take over that wheelbarrow that you don’t use anymore.

You can use a broken vase and arrange some flowers and succulent plants around the castle and little cabin. Don’t forget to put some gravel and herbs too, so it is going to look more magical.

Do you want to try this fairy garden idea?

15. Tiny House on the Hill

Tiny House on the Hill

Use a little pot for your fairy house and a larger pot to make the fairy garden. Connect both pots using a rope ladder. Plant your favorite flowers and herbs inside the pot and put some decorations like gravel and bridges too.

This DIY fairy garden idea is a perfect idea for your interior decoration. So, wanna try this idea?

16. The Tiny Tree House

The Tiny Tree House

Gardening is not only for old people. It is going to be an exciting activity for young parents and children as well. Get some pots and a wooden container for flowers and make your own fairy tree house on the big tree in front of your house. It’s gonna be fun.

So, parents, wanna try this idea with your children?

17. Fairy Garden in the Backyard

Fairy Garden in the Backyard

Wanna make a magical fairy garden? Just try this idea. It’s going to be a little difficult and requires some skills too, but the result is very satisfying.

You are going to need a container, such as a bucket, pot, or anything, soil, a smaller container, and decorations like a little fairy house, gravel and stone, grasses, and so on. You can make a pool in the little garden using smaller containers.

Make it sparkling by adding some marble inside it.

Looks great, doesn’t it? Wanna try this idea?

18. Use Simple Materials

Use Simple Materials

Build a simple fairy house using materials that are easy to find. You can make a roof from ice sticks, build a wall from cartons, and make the window and the door from polished little tree branches.

Add some decorations like painted gravel, plants, and fake butterfly. Do you think a little fairy is going to like your little fairy house?

So, wanna try this idea?

19. Make It Real

Make It Real

Make it real by adding some fairy decorations. Get a tiny bench for your little fairies and let them have a peaceful living in their fairy house. Wait, why isn’t there a fairy house and you can only see the door?

Ssst… because these fairies want to keep their house location a secret. They are not really trustful to humans.

So, do you think the fairies gonna like this idea?

20. The Flowery Garden

The Flowery Garden

The spring has come. Make a spring fairy garden by adding some grass flowers to the pot. You can add a bench, a unique lantern, and a little tree too. Don’t forget to equip your fairy with some gardening tools.

Fairy loves gardening.

So, wanna try this DIY fairy garden idea?

21. The Mysterious Castle in the Garden

The Mysterious Castle in the Garden

Welcome to the fairy kingdom. But be careful, it is so mysterious that no one knows who is living inside the castle and how they live their lives.

This mysterious fairy castle is a great concept for someone with great imagination. And of course, it requires some space in your garden too.

What do you think about this idea? Wanna try it now?

22. The Wizard’s Castle

The Wizard’s Castle

Fairies are living in a magical world. The world where wizards also do exist! Build a magical wizard kingdom, where the most powerful wizard conquers the world by using old glass bottles.

Don’t forget to make a path heading to the kingdom using gravel painted in jade green color. Looks like a real wizard is living in there, right?

Do you have many bottles in your house? Why don’t you turn it into something beautiful like this?

23. Beautiful Path to Fairy House

Beautiful Path to Fairy House

Do you have a big tree in your backyard? Well, you can make a great fairy garden using this idea.

Build your fairy a big house inside the tree and make it a tiny door made of wood and little gravel. Don’t forget to make a path towards the house using broken pieces of an old vase or old plate.

Grow some tiny plants and make your fairy a little post box.

Do you think a real fairy is going to come and stay?

24. Mini Teepee

Mini Teepee

You’ll never know what kind of fairies are gonna come to your fairy garden. What if they are hm… Indians?

Build a tiny teepee using cute gift paper and some tiny sticks. Decorate the teepee with a super tiny knitted carpet.

Looks really cool right? The best thing about this idea is it is so simple. You don’t need to put much effort to make it, yet it still looks so cool.

25. Tiny Lanterns

tiny lanterns

Your tiny fairies probably need to walk (or fly?) in the night. Yet, it will be so dark in the night that they won’t see anything.

Help them by installing some lanterns in the garden. It is so easy. You just need some fake diamonds and hang them in the wires. You can make a colorful path using tiny gravel or chopped tree branches too.

Do you like this idea? Follow this link for how to make the tiny lanterns in the picture at

26. Tiny Well

tiny fairy garden well

Create cute tiny well-using gravel or small stones and arrange them using sticky glue.

Put some decorations like chairs, a table, and some tiny plants like succulent plants if you want to. Voila… a little fairy garden is ready for your garden decoration.

Do you think you should try this idea?

27. A Perfect Place to Chill

A Perfect Place to Chill

Fairies need to rest too. Give them a comfy place to chill by adding a hammock to your fairy garden. Grow some tiny plants like clovers to make them greener and more natural.

It looks so cozy, doesn’t it? Do you think a real fairy is going to come and stay for a little while?

Just find it out by trying this idea.

28. Little Pixie House

succulent fairy garden

Succulent plants are never boring. Create your succulent fairy garden by adding some succulent plants in the garden, just like what you can see in the picture.

You can arrange the plant behind the fairy house or anywhere else. Don’t forget the other decorations too, like marbles, grasses, lil flowers, and many others.

It looks like a cozy place to live, right?

29. Fairy Garden on Old Bucket

Fairy Garden on Old Bucket

Do you have an old unused bucket inside your warehouse? Why don’t transform it into a little fairy garden?

You can build a little fairy house and fence made of ice cream sticks. Grow some grass flowers to make it more magical. Voila… your little fairy garden is finished, and you don’t even need expensive materials.

So, wanna try this idea?

30. Twinkle Twinkle Little Fairy House

Twinkle Twinkle Little Fairy House

Twinkle twinkle little fairy house… you might want to change the song lyrics after finishing your fairy garden. You can add some Christmas lights to your fairy garden and make it look amazing.

Don’t forget to decorate your tiny fairy garden with a chair or bench. It’s gonna be a perfect home place for a fairy.

What do you think? Wanna try this idea soon?

30 Amazing Fairy Garden Ideas – Wrapping Up

So, that was the list of 30 fairy garden ideas you can try at home. Now you have already known how to make a fairy garden.

Among all the ideas, which idea do you like the most? Do share your answer with us in the comment section.

Good luck with your fairy project!

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