Ideas for Vintage and Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

You can go anywhere with farmhouse bathroom decor, from vintage to modern. The point of farmhouse style is focusing on practicality, rustic elements, and vintage design influence. You may also throw in some recycled objects or random decorative elements, to avoid overly-slick design.

Here are some ideas to create a farmhouse-style bathroom, no matter how big (or small) the space you have.

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

If size limits your abilities to create with various objects, try creating a farmhouse bathroom with textures, materials, and colors. Subway tiles and rustic wood panels, for example, are great to bring vintage and rustic elements into a small bathroom. Cool ideas include:

  • Combining white subway tiles with wooden floor (or wood-like vinyl), rusty vanity seat, and pothole mirror. They create half vintage, half rustic look.
  • Pairing antique cabinet with a pedestal sink for a quick antique look. Use soft wall shades with glass tiles, and add round, frameless mirror for more modern touch.
  • Using repurposed wood as a cabinet door, window panels, or vanity stool. Pair them with retractable window cover from textured fabric or wicker.
  • Adding traditional tulip-style light sconces as intimate lighting fixtures, along with whitewashed wood for mirror frames and sink table.

These ideas are easy to apply, especially in small bathrooms, but they will not make the room look too busy.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Accessories

Farmhouse Style Bathroom Accessories

Adding the right accessories is a good way to change bathroom look without doing much. There are various bathroom accessories perfect to create a farmhouse-style design, including things you can find at flea markets. Here are some examples:

  • Woven basket

Use a woven basket to store spare clothes or laundry instead of the plastic one. Woven basket has a rural look, and will give a rustic touch to a bathroom.

  • Old, vintage mirror

Vintage mirror with subdued frame gives a rustic look, especially if the frame looks old and slightly battered or weathered. You can buy and clean an old mirror from the cheap market.

  • Wooden block and old bench

Wooden block and bench are something you may find in a farmhouse. Utilize two wooden blocks to support your bathtub, and use an old-school work bench as a place for sink and bathroom supplies.

These simple but gorgeous accessories will make a point in a bland bathroom, improving it into a charming, rustic room.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Tips

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Tips

The previous suggestions are just examples, and you are free to experiment with various options. However, there are still some things to consider when creating a rustic, farmhouse bathroom. If you want to make the design look modern, avoid cluttering every nook and cranny. Farmhouse-style design gets its charm from various knick-knacks, but knowing how to restrain gives it more modern look.

To create the best rustic look without making the bathroom shabby, you can use one or two repurposed objects to adorn the bathroom. Copper bathtub, vintage pedestal sink, or recycled wood cabinet are great to create rustic touch without adding too much. Focusing on practical objects, such as laundry basket and wall shelves, is a great way to prioritize in design, even with a lot of elements to use.

Rustic look in a modern bathroom will create a relaxing feel in your most private space. Make sure to utilize the right farmhouse bathroom decor, and practice restrains when decorating.

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