Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas for Cozy, Rustic Look

Farmhouse-style furniture gives old-school, cozy look in a house, no matter the design. Farmhouse dining table, for example, will add rural charm in your dining room, even when you are surrounded with modern fixtures and stainless-steel appliances. Weathered look, vintage style, or textured wood surface are typical elements of farmhouse-style dining table.

Looking for similar dining table to spruce up your home? Here are several ideas to consider for your next piece of furniture.

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

Rustic dining table with tufted Wicker Emporium dining chairs

“Rustic” is a common element to find in farmhouse-style furniture. There are many table styles you can choose, but if you want something rustic, try finding items made of recycled wood. They have distinctive faded look, and you earn extra points by buying recycled goods.

Other rustic tables were deliberately made with rough, “unfinished” look. Available in dark and light shades, these tables will give a vintage or outdoorsy air in any room. If you put them in a traditional-style kitchen, you can have a classic farmhouse look, even if there are various modern appliances around it.

Farmhouse Dining Table with Bench

If you want to have even more vintage look, you can add one or two benches with the dining table. Bench is considered a traditional furniture item, because it goes back to the time when family members gathered around one dining table to eat together. Now, benches can be great alternatives of regular chairs, especially if you have a big family (or many guests to entertain).

You can buy farmhouse table that is sold with bench sets at many furniture stores. It is an easy way to get benches that have the perfect sizes compared to the table. Tables with benches are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and they are ideal for homeowners who often invite guests for social gatherings or similar events.

Country Farmhouse Dining Tables

Country Farmhouse Dining Tables

Country farmhouse dining tables come in various styles, so you can choose the one that fits your home design. Some of the popular styles are:

  • Pedestal table

Pedestal table is supported by one beam, making it an elegant piece despite the rustic design. Pedestal table is usually round, because the shape works best with the design. This table is suitable if there are only few people eating around it. However, some models also come in medium-sized rectangular shape.

  • Trestle table

Trestle table is popular as an outdoor furniture, and you may often see it in public park or restaurant with outdoor dining areas. Trestle table is great for outdoor dining room. You can put it on the garden, patio, or balcony. It is especially great to host many guests for lunch or social gathering.

  • Country farmhouse table with legs

Table with legs is classic, and it comes in various sizes. You can choose a table with tapered legs for simple look, or turned legs for more sophisticated look.

  • Drop leaf table

Drop leaf table is a perfect solution for narrow space. The table surface consists of three parts separated by hinges. When you only need small space, you can fold the unused parts to the side.

A table will instantly change the look of your dining room, drawing eyes to the design. Farmhouse dining table is a great addition to create rustic, cozy look in a dining room.

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